From conception to execution

These are the steps we take to produce results our clients are happy with and which we are proud of.

Our first goal is to get to know to know our clients and to define and evaluate their ideas, plans and goals.

We meet up over a cup of coffee (whether it is a real or virtual one) to listen, learn, discuss and align the requirements for a new projects.

Now that we know who and what we are working with, we usually send our new clients a proposal which aligns with the initial meeting discussion to set expectations and clarify the outcome.

It’s time to wheel and deal by discussing financial commitments and expectations.

The fun starts here!

The design process will begin where we break down the entire project in to manageable chunks based on the approved proposal.

Regular communications ensure everyone is one the same page and that the project is running smoothly.

After our client has had a chance to look at the product and give feedback, the refinement process kicks in to high gear. This is the last chance for small changes and amendments.

Refinement and polishing – this is the stage where the product is being treated with a final coat of awesome before publishing.

The moment we have all been waiting for.

The delivery stage entails the final fully and duly executed product as well as the copyright handover to our client.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

The importance of product management is often overlooked. The digital world is fast-paced and we encourage our clients to keep up!

After we handed over the final product, we have another sit down with our client to discus a maintenance and management plan for their crafted product to ensure consistency and staying on top of things.